Bill & Janice Enix(non-registered)
Hey John,
We love your work, especially the Cooper shot from a year or so ago. Always like looking through you pics. Hopefully we can hook up & do a shoot before to long, maybe even when Doyg & Rachel are in town. Will try to keep in touch.

Merry Christmas,
Pat Mcgarity(non-registered)
John you are awesome. Such talent is a gift.
Anna Lee(non-registered)
John, thank you so much for photographing my wedding! The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You captured all the special moments. I was so busy at the wedding, it's nice to look back at the pictures and see things that I missed:) I couldn't have asked for better pictures!
Love the new photographs man! Keep it up.
Every time I look at your photographs, I am reminded of the special way that you view things. I like seeing through your perspective! It helps me to slow down and look at everyday life in a new way, appreciating ordinary scenes for their quiet beauty. Thank you for sharing that with the world! I'm so proud to be your sister.
S Mosley(non-registered)
Thanks for taking pictures of our family! We love the pictures and appreciated your creativity, intentionally, and diligence with our 3 wild boys during the photo shoot! Shooting a family of 5 was no easy task, but you were up for the challenge and did amazingly! Thank you again!!
Courtney Dawes(non-registered)
You are so great!! I love all of the pictures!! They are AMAZING!!!
These are awesome photographs! Love the one with the canoe.
Your use of line and color are amazing! These are simply beautiful. I could see that your photos would be great for Art Therapy as they are both positive and soothing.
Beautiful site, John. You know how very proud of you we are. God has given you a real eye for capturing beauty in many forms. Keep up the great work.
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